ParkMyKid is a social network that brings tangible benefits to people - adults and their children, whom the project is dedicated to. 

ParkMyKid is created to support real, not virtual friendship and celebrate life offline that becomes even richer when people get kids. Our mission is to help family people worldwide in having a great time any-day, forgetting which pocket they put smartphone in.

We are realistic and understand that in the era of high technologies, the call to deny and ignore these technologies will sound rather week and stupid. Therefore, ParkMyKid' mechanism works on the principle of intelligent synthesis: the project supports good old traditions of neighborliness and mutual assistance, allocating the Internet as a modern convenient tool designed for quick coordination and search.


These principles are reflected in our advertising policy. Our key points are  “intelligent synthesis”, “good old tradition”, “real-life communication”, “modern convenient tool” and “tangible benefit.”


ParkMyKid is international project which members are those mythical men and women who often appear in creative briefs. They are the people of middle age, middle class who live life to its full. In our case, they exist not only on paper, we are proud to have them onboard and will be happy to introduce you.


It's impossible to place a typical banner ad or advertorial on our website. But we can offer many other interesting and fruitful types of cooperation, including sponsorship. Our priority is possibility to create and launch a unique project together with the brand open to dialogue and new ideas.

To learn more about the project and find out how we can be beneficial to each other, please send us an e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.