Cockflitter Vs Jockey

cockfight curl

A Cockfight s128 Curl is a set of tools that are used to break a knot in the curve or edge of the body of the cock. It is also called a knotted tongue. A curved body shape and a knotted tongue make it difficult for the cock to penetrate and drag along the ground while fighting for mating success.

Most of the time, if the tongue or body is blunt, the fight will be interrupted by the harshness of the wood and by the mechanism of the cock fight. A more curved body or tongue allows the fight to go on.

Jockey aids such as the cockflitter allow the cock to curve its body against the ground, thus allowing it to drag along the ground in a non-knotted tongue. This process, known as "grooving" allows the cock to penetrate and drag along the ground during the tembak ikan online fight.

Cockflitter is a tool that aids in the curving of the body and the jockey aids in the grooving of the tongue. The two act together to make a fluttering skirt. This skirt allows the cock to continue fighting to win the mating.

The best way to use a cockflitter is to wrap a tool to allow the cock to move along the ground but still get the best effect in the cock fight. Some of the best tools to use are:

It is not a tool that is comfortable to use, but it works very well if you are not using a jockey like the Cocker Box Jockey or the American Horseman's Jockey. The next best choice is the Gayman's Tool.

On to cockflitter. It is made from mild cedar, it is usually six feet long and about four inches wide, and will fit just about any cockfight.


Cockflitter is a great tool and should be used when necessary. Cockflitter is designed to work with a jockey that works in conjunction with the cockflitter. If you are not sure about how to use it, you can also use a hand held cockflitter. There are many options to choose from.

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